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Still In Limbo

There aren’t as many builders with trade in/trade up programs as I would have thought, and it’s a bit frustrating for me since I’ve already decided that’s the way to go.  The benefits of a trade in program far outweigh anything else associated with selling an existing home to buy a new one.  For one, we wouldn’t have to make any cosmetic or major changes to the existing home.  For another, we wouldn’t have to live out of a suitcase while trying to keep the house immaculate for showings, and no pesky prospective buyers traipsing through the house at all odd hours.  But the biggest factor here, is the fact that selling this house is guaranteed, and we could be in our new home within 3 to 6 months depending on construction.

 I like the idea of a brand new home (from scratch), but then I visit some of these homes that are already built and I have to drool.  The temptation to choose one of these homes is far greater than I care to say, and tests my will power to the max — especially knowing that waiting to build our home is the right choice; one that we will not regret down the line.  Ah, me…wish we could skip all the foreplay and go straight for the climax…but, given the fact we cannot, then I contend myself with visions of me in our new home, meandering through the numerous rooms without a care in the world.

Sure, I’ll miss Zakk to the max, but missing your grandchild is a good thing.  I really want my life back, and the only way to get it back is to move away, forcing Erin and Chris into going with either another sitter for Zakk or (gulp) a daycare center.  The latter can be downright scary, but then, one does what one must.

Two more days and Beau Hunk can walk out of that miserable place he’s been calling his “work place” for the past 20 some odd years.  I know it is probably scary to him since he’s never worked anywhere else, but change is good.  Change is definitely good — I have to keep reminding him of that and hopefully he will take it to heart.  This new job of his, it really is a godsend at this point since Nortel is going to hell in a hand basket.  The place has been spiraling out of control for the last 5 years and the handwriting on the wall is becoming more prominent by the hour.  Nortel is not long for this world.  And that, my friends, deserves a great big freaking hurrah!  Yeah.  Beau Hunk cannot stand Canadian Corporate mentality and although I wouldn’t know first hand (not being a working person myself), I can well imagine why he despises them just from the horror stories he’s recounted over the past decade.


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It’s totally official and we’re moving to Fort Worth.  It’ll be a good thing for Beau Hunk because he’s never been anywhere else except at his current job and I say 23 years in one spot is way too long.  It isn’t good for the soul and all that good rot, I’m sure.  Anyway, his last day at the [expletive] Canadian company is this coming Friday, and he starts his new job on Tuesday.  The problem of course, is the commute he now faces.  Two hours each way, yuk!  I really feel for him, but in the end I guess I don’t know what it really entails since I don’t do the job force thing.  I can be quite sympathetic, though.

 Now, the next good thing about this is the fact that we get a brand new home.  Yeah!  I love new homes.  They’re always so nice and fresh, shiny and squishy clean — yeah, I like that.  But this time, instead of buying an already existing home, we’re building.  Meaning, we first need to buy a lot or acreage somewhere and then build.  Well, that’s not true.  It can’t be just anywhere.  More specifically, it has to be in La Cantera, this really super subdivision in Fort Worth.  It’s all upscale and everything, and anyone who knows me, can tell you I’m all about upscale.  Ahem.

So we’ve been to Fort Worth looking around a couple of times now, and no matter where we look, my heart still pulls me to La Cantera; that means that no matter how much shit Beau Hunk gives me, we’re going to end up in La Cantera.  Because this time around, he’s definitely not talking me into anything else.

Order of business:

  • Find a builder with a trade in/trade up program
  • Find a lot (or acre) and buy it
  • Draw up the house plans
  • Start building

Sounds simple, no?  I guess I’ll just have to wait and see if everything goes smoothly or if we run into patch after patch of potholes.

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