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The other day I received an email informing me that the .me domains are now available for registration.  Duh!  My registrar must be behind times or something.  Anyway, I went ahead and registered my name because I’m arrogant that way.  I haven’t a clue as to what the hell I’m going to do with yet another domain, but I’ll figure something out.  I love domains.  I love creating sites.  I love designing.  It’s in my blood.

The only weird thing is that I’m sick and tired of doing it for pay; designing sites, that is.  Sure, it’s great getting new clients and all, but when it comes time to doing the work, I just don’t feel like it any more.  After 12 years of designing sites, I’m a bit tired of it all.  And clients always end up irking me.  They can’t make up their minds…they come up with godawful things for me to do…and they are generally and typically really stupid.  I end up with pockets full of money and semi-permanent headaches.

Anyway, I may go ahead and host my own blog since I own my own servers and so many domains.  What the hell.  I came to WordPress for camaraderie and community, but I’m not making any strides in that department.  I made some friends over at The Experience Project, but that place truly sucks.  You have some nasty assholes there, so I left.


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I haven’t much felt like writing of late, so I took a vacation from the blog.  Not that anyone reads it but me, so I guess everything is okay.

We’ve had the house on the market for two weeks and in those two weeks, we’ve had 8 showings and 2 repeat showings.  That’s pretty darned good for the current market.  I hope to God someone falls in love with the house and buys it soon.  I’m ready to get out of here.  Of course, getting out of here means temporarily moving into a rental while our new home is built.  That, I’m definitely not looking forward to.  Although this isn’t my first exerience with house selling and buying, it is my first experience with selling to the public.  In the past, I’ve always had the pleasure to sell to the builder, which in my opinion is definitely the way to go.  I tried to do this again with this house, but it was a no go.  A total bust.  I guess builders can’t get rid of the houses they’ve got, so why buy another?  Can’t say that I blame them.

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