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Today, I decided to be totally annoying.  You know, live up to my reputation and all?  So I did two things which normally would irk me…. but hey, it’s Saturday and a chick’s got to get her kicks somehow.

I decided to go to the bank on account cash is good.  So I got in my car and

  1. got into the fast lane, set my cruise control for 1 mile under the speed limit and stayed there.  It was so much fun!  I laughed all the way to the bank.

  3. got to the bank, (lunch time, right before closing) and waited in line.  When it came my turn, I stepped up to the teller, rummaged through my over-sized courier bag, gave up, dumped all the contents on the counter (the usual odds and ends makeup, receipts, books, pencils, pens, gum wrappers, loose change… you get the picture) and finally found my checkbook.  By this time people behind me were tapping toes and giving me mean looks which I returned with a sweet toothy smile.  I grabbed my checkbook, wrote out the check for the total sum of $1.50, and handed it over to the clerk.  She stared at me, stared at the check, stared at me, and with a lot of slamming of drawers and huffing, handed over my money.  I thanked her profusely, smiled at everyone on my way out, and laughed all the way home. 

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The Sims 3 — Woo Hoo!

February 20th is just around the corner and I’m almost beside myself with excitement.  I can hardly wait for the Sims 3 to come out!  Probably, I’ll be amongst the first in line to get the game or I’ll pre-order, or something.  For a hardcore gamer like me, TS3 is the ultimate in simulation game experience.

I wonder how long before we’ll have game mods, etc.?  Gotta have those to make the game more worthwhile.

Right now I’m stuck in a rut with the TS2.  I keep playing the same hood, the same families, and no matter wht I do, I end up with the same scenario over and over.  Ho hum.  But there’s light at the end of my tunnel, and well, what can I say?  I’m excited, already!

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I’m So Freakin’

Bored!  Out of my gourd bored.  As in I think I’m going to explode from boredom.  There’s just so many things to do around here before I have to get to the housework and everybody knows that makes you ugly, so I avoid it like the plague that it is.  Hmm.  I’m just about sick of Pogo, and there’s only so many variations of the Jordan and Dustin story that I can do.  Hell, it’s getting to where the highlight of those game sessions is when Angela and Lilith fight and even that is getting boring since they’re constantly attacking each other.

I made them “Cheese” just for the hell of it, and made them fat to boot.  I also reversed their interests so that they are compatable with no one.  It was fun for a while, but…  I need something new and exciting to keep me occupied.

I thought about starting a novel, but everybody knows I write to the third chapter and then lose interest.  So nix that one.  Oh woe is me.  Help!

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Computers can be quite unreliable; especially when they keep breaking down or just plain ole dying.  Over the years I’ve learned not to rely on them for keeping valuable information safe, or relatively as safe as possible because after all, we’re dealing with a machine.

Anyway, I’ve always kept all my keys, codes, passwords, etc. in a folder on my hard drive.  Some I inadvertently kept elsewhere online and ironically, the latter turns out to be the safest place for safekeeping valuables.  Imagine that!  I have tons of programs on my computers because I’m a software junkie that way, and every time one of my systems goes down, I lose all the crap and have to purchase the damned things all over again.  This can add up rather quickly if you’re not careful.  At the moment, I’m in cahoot with two brand new systems.  One of which already needs reformatting because of malware that totally fucked up my system.  I’ve tried cleaning the damned thing to no avail, and there’s no way around the reformatting.  But that’s a different story.

Today, I decided that I’m going to keep all my keys, codes, and passwords in an honest to goodness paper notebook.  A physical one that I can actually touch and keep safe on my bookshelves.  Rather arcane, I know, but given my track record with computers, it’s the safest bet, one that I’m going to take.

I hate reformatting.  I hate reinstalling programs, and I definitely hate starting over from scratch.

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