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It was a cool but beautiful day when Nibbles arrived in our fair town of Melissa, Texas.  We were a bit late getting to the post office, and when we got there, we found Nibbles patiently waiting on us.















The first thing he did upon arrival was meet our new real buddy Koko.  She’s a long-haired Chihuahua that was given to us (more about Koko later).  Koko loved Nibbles and Nibbles loved Koko.
















We asked Nibbles if there was anything special she wanted to do while visiting us, and right away she let us know with a great deal of exuberance, that she wanted to go sight seeing.  We warned her there wasn’t much to see in Melissa, but Nibbles insisted.  So, we took her to see the Fire Station, and the local park.  That about summed up the town sights; but Nibbles fell in love with the park, so that was lucky for us.  Here she is sliding down the BIG slide:














And she absolutely loved climbing atop Big Foot the green dragon.















Then, she spotted the Basketball courts and threw a hissy fit because I wouldn’t play her a game of HORSE.  So… the husband initiated a game of one on one and that appeased Nibbles.













Then, Nibbles spotted the cars and promptly hopped into one and away she went!  We screamed and hollered for her to come back, “Come back Nibbles!  Nibbles, come back!”  on account she didn’t have a license and all, but she wouldn’t listen.  She just stepped on the accelerator and faster she went!













We got tired of waiting for her to come back, so we gave up and decided to go on home and hoped Nibbles would be able to find her way back.  A short while later, Tom (one of our three police officers) showed up on our driveway with errant Nibbles in tow:













He gave her a citation for driving without a license and gave us a severe scolding for allowing her to drive without a license.  What ever!

And that was the end of Nibbles’ Adventure in Melissa Land.  The End.


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Happy New Year!

happy-new-yearI want to wish everyone the very best there is to offer.  This blog is my feeble attempt at stepping outside my box and reaching out to make friends.  Something that in real life is almost impossible for me since I have social anxiety disorder and Agoraphobia.  The real life friends I used to have are virtually non-existent now thanks to my stupid and unsound fears.  This blog has enabled me to reach out and touch lives while remaining relatively sane about the whole thing. 

This coming year, I plan to make a real attempt at reaching out.  Both in my blogging and in my day to day activities.  So, I thank you, my soon to be fast-friends, for allowing me into your daily lives, even if only through your blogging.

Here’s to 2009!

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My friends and I were out back having lunch, having a grand time, until one of my friends, who happens to be black, brought up the old movie Amistad.

“You know,” she said in conversation, “all the trouble started when the whites first bought our people into slavery.” 

“I don’t think so,” my other friend replied.  “All the trouble started when the African people started selling off their prisoners as slaves to the whites.” 

I didn’t say anything.  I can’t stand conversations like that.  And why my two friends choose to get into a debate over “whose fault it was,” is beyond me. 

My white friend was not there to buy anyone, and my black friend was not there to be bought.  Neither were their respective parents, or their respective parents’ parents. 

Me thinks these two people just like to argue and quibble about anything having to do with history, but you’d think they could have picked a better topic; their chosen one served nothing except to get into a heavy duty argument that could not be resolved or agreed upon.  These two, they haven’t very much to do, and with so much time on their hands, that they have to dig into the lives of four generations back or so, for some juicy stuff to argue over. 

I didn’t say anything, of course.  But I wanted to shout:  WHO CARES?  Quit the quibbling!  I’m so tired of all the militant shit.  And I’m so tired of all the arrogant  defense. 

I thought I had two friends.  Turns out I have a slave and a merchant.  Geez.

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