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It was a cool but beautiful day when Nibbles arrived in our fair town of Melissa, Texas.  We were a bit late getting to the post office, and when we got there, we found Nibbles patiently waiting on us.















The first thing he did upon arrival was meet our new real buddy Koko.  She’s a long-haired Chihuahua that was given to us (more about Koko later).  Koko loved Nibbles and Nibbles loved Koko.
















We asked Nibbles if there was anything special she wanted to do while visiting us, and right away she let us know with a great deal of exuberance, that she wanted to go sight seeing.  We warned her there wasn’t much to see in Melissa, but Nibbles insisted.  So, we took her to see the Fire Station, and the local park.  That about summed up the town sights; but Nibbles fell in love with the park, so that was lucky for us.  Here she is sliding down the BIG slide:














And she absolutely loved climbing atop Big Foot the green dragon.















Then, she spotted the Basketball courts and threw a hissy fit because I wouldn’t play her a game of HORSE.  So… the husband initiated a game of one on one and that appeased Nibbles.













Then, Nibbles spotted the cars and promptly hopped into one and away she went!  We screamed and hollered for her to come back, “Come back Nibbles!  Nibbles, come back!”  on account she didn’t have a license and all, but she wouldn’t listen.  She just stepped on the accelerator and faster she went!













We got tired of waiting for her to come back, so we gave up and decided to go on home and hoped Nibbles would be able to find her way back.  A short while later, Tom (one of our three police officers) showed up on our driveway with errant Nibbles in tow:













He gave her a citation for driving without a license and gave us a severe scolding for allowing her to drive without a license.  What ever!

And that was the end of Nibbles’ Adventure in Melissa Land.  The End.


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Buddy Update

It’s been days since dear little Philip left us, and we sorely miss him.

The guest bedroom has been spiffied up, refreshed and is ready and awaiting our next visitor, but alas… we haven’t seen hide nor hair of him as yet.  Maybe he got side-tracked along the way?  Or heaven forbid — kidnapped!  Highjacked!  Oooooh. 

But we’re still keeping our eyes peeled for Mrs. Dransen… our mail lady.  She’s been looking for our visitors, too.  Isn’t that sweet of her?

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OK, it was raining when Philip arrived in Texas, and it was raining when Philip left.  Needless to say, our outdoor activities were curtailed to the point where Philip was going nuts being cooped up inside the house.  It took every ounce of energy to keep up with the little fellow, because he just simply would not sit still! 

From the moment Philip arrived, he wanted to be and act like a real Texan.  So we loaned him our hat and our gun.
















Like I said, we were cooped up inside the house because of the rain, but the little fellow just kept watching outside and the minute the rain let up for a second, he dashed outside and flew/ran right up a tree.




















He said he could view things from up there that we couldn’t from the ground.  So I relented and let him stay up there for a few minutes.  Then, he spotted something way out at the back of the yard and off he went.  He found Myrtle!
















And Lilith!
















And Alex!  Although Alex wasn’t exactly sure how he felt about a teeny tiny pink flamingo for a friend…
















Right after, Philip discovered a few of Zee’s toys lying about and of course, he just had to try them out.  He zipped around the house fast enough to get a speeding ticket

















And he slid down the banister enough times that I seriously considered spraying furniture wax on his little butt.















Finally, the time came for Philip to leave, and the husband, cheap as always, was actually going to charge Philip for his stay!  Here they are trying to work out the costs involved.
















Don’t worry.  I was able to talk the husband out of charging Philip for his stay.  Shame on the husband!  Anyway, it was time for Philip to leave, so we all drove him down to the local UPS place where he stoically boarded his little box and away he went to New York.  Sob.  I’m going to miss that little feller!

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Philip arrived safe and sound yesterday.  I found him on my doorstep huddled in his little pink blanket because it was so cold and wet outside.

Unfortunately, Philip and I have been housebound because we’re currently experiencing thunderstorms and high winds (which makes it a tad impossible to go outside and play).  At least this is what I’ve been trying to tell Philip but all he does is eye the wonderful yard toys and sigh.  I know he wants outside.  I know he deserves to play on Zee’s trike and swingset, and such, but it’s wet out!  I keep trying to tell Philip mud is no good.  But he seems determined to play in it.  I’ve had to keep a VERY close eye on him for fear that he’ll slip outside when I’m not watching.

I’ve tried to no avail to sit with him and read quietly.  I even built a fire so we could snuggle — but no dice.  Guess I’ll have to get out the umbrella and raincoat today because Philip’s flight is scheduled to leave tomorrow morning.

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Taking a Bow

drumming1The show was amazing. After the first set or two, I started to relax and have some fun. I thought the audience wouldn’t take to me like they do William, but I was totally wrong. They accepted me just fine and there were no hecklers like I thought there might be. Huh.

Anyway, we played 2 1/2 hours straight, and even when it came time to do the song “Falling From Grace”, I didn’t mess up. That’s one of the numbers I had been having a bit of a problem with. Instead of playing it like William, at the last minute I decided to do it my way, and it turned out great! Woo Hoo!

The Club asked the band back for another show, so I guess we didn’t do bad at all.

A few of the regulars at the band’s shows took pictures and one girl (don’t remember her name), I think took a bit of footage on her cell phone. Bryan said he would ask her for copies so I can put it up here on the blog.

Oh! And guess what? After we got through playing, we went to sit in the audience with friends of the band. Just to have a drink or two and shoot the bull (as they put it). And… a few people came up to the guys for autographs and TWO of them wanted MY autograph, too! You could have knocked me over with a feather. I know it was just a 15 minutes of fame thing, but boy did it feel good! Doing shows does wonder for the old ego, you know?

So, in conclusion, William is still out of commission, and Don asked me to play again at their next show. I haven’t committed yet because I’m not sure if I can take the whole nerves thing and because William wasn’t at all happy the entire night. He just sat at his table and I swear glared at me the entire time. But I don’t know, cause I had on my sun glasses and it was really hard to see faces and such.

I had a great time, even if William didn’t, and the rest of the guys all slapped me on the back and gave me high fives and hooted and hollered after we came off stage. Don said it was one of their better shows and was talking about maybe recording a CD with me as drummer; but, like I told him… William is a friend, and unless he’s totally okay with it, I wouldn’t consider it. Although it sure is tempting.

I’m sorry this post is all over the place, but I’m still riding high on adrenaline and just the euphoric feeling from being accepted.

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Pogo makes up a great deal of my day.  In fact, I’m obsessed with Pogo and some of their silly games, like Monopoly.  I hardly ever play with real people if I can help it, opting instead to play with their robots.  I always clobber them, and even though I know they’re stupid computers, I always feel badly for them.  Because I’m kinda stupid that way.  Would they feel sorry for me if they were winning?  Hell no!

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Today, I decided to be totally annoying.  You know, live up to my reputation and all?  So I did two things which normally would irk me…. but hey, it’s Saturday and a chick’s got to get her kicks somehow.

I decided to go to the bank on account cash is good.  So I got in my car and

  1. got into the fast lane, set my cruise control for 1 mile under the speed limit and stayed there.  It was so much fun!  I laughed all the way to the bank.

  3. got to the bank, (lunch time, right before closing) and waited in line.  When it came my turn, I stepped up to the teller, rummaged through my over-sized courier bag, gave up, dumped all the contents on the counter (the usual odds and ends makeup, receipts, books, pencils, pens, gum wrappers, loose change… you get the picture) and finally found my checkbook.  By this time people behind me were tapping toes and giving me mean looks which I returned with a sweet toothy smile.  I grabbed my checkbook, wrote out the check for the total sum of $1.50, and handed it over to the clerk.  She stared at me, stared at the check, stared at me, and with a lot of slamming of drawers and huffing, handed over my money.  I thanked her profusely, smiled at everyone on my way out, and laughed all the way home. 

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