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OK, it was raining when Philip arrived in Texas, and it was raining when Philip left.  Needless to say, our outdoor activities were curtailed to the point where Philip was going nuts being cooped up inside the house.  It took every ounce of energy to keep up with the little fellow, because he just simply would not sit still! 

From the moment Philip arrived, he wanted to be and act like a real Texan.  So we loaned him our hat and our gun.
















Like I said, we were cooped up inside the house because of the rain, but the little fellow just kept watching outside and the minute the rain let up for a second, he dashed outside and flew/ran right up a tree.




















He said he could view things from up there that we couldn’t from the ground.  So I relented and let him stay up there for a few minutes.  Then, he spotted something way out at the back of the yard and off he went.  He found Myrtle!
















And Lilith!
















And Alex!  Although Alex wasn’t exactly sure how he felt about a teeny tiny pink flamingo for a friend…
















Right after, Philip discovered a few of Zee’s toys lying about and of course, he just had to try them out.  He zipped around the house fast enough to get a speeding ticket

















And he slid down the banister enough times that I seriously considered spraying furniture wax on his little butt.















Finally, the time came for Philip to leave, and the husband, cheap as always, was actually going to charge Philip for his stay!  Here they are trying to work out the costs involved.
















Don’t worry.  I was able to talk the husband out of charging Philip for his stay.  Shame on the husband!  Anyway, it was time for Philip to leave, so we all drove him down to the local UPS place where he stoically boarded his little box and away he went to New York.  Sob.  I’m going to miss that little feller!


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Philip arrived safe and sound yesterday.  I found him on my doorstep huddled in his little pink blanket because it was so cold and wet outside.

Unfortunately, Philip and I have been housebound because we’re currently experiencing thunderstorms and high winds (which makes it a tad impossible to go outside and play).  At least this is what I’ve been trying to tell Philip but all he does is eye the wonderful yard toys and sigh.  I know he wants outside.  I know he deserves to play on Zee’s trike and swingset, and such, but it’s wet out!  I keep trying to tell Philip mud is no good.  But he seems determined to play in it.  I’ve had to keep a VERY close eye on him for fear that he’ll slip outside when I’m not watching.

I’ve tried to no avail to sit with him and read quietly.  I even built a fire so we could snuggle — but no dice.  Guess I’ll have to get out the umbrella and raincoat today because Philip’s flight is scheduled to leave tomorrow morning.

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The time has come to admit to myself that The Sims 2 no longer holds my interest.  After 6 or so years of playing the game, I think I have played out just about every scenario possible and I don’t want to play any more.  Of course, there’s always TS3 (The Sims 3) coming out in February of 2009, but of course there will be no cheats or cool custom content for the first few months; and what fun is that — playing without the benefit of enhancements?

Maxis may think they made the game completely customizable, but the fact is, no, they did not.  Shame on you, Maxis!  We pay enough for these games — we should have whatever our little ole hearts desire in the matter.

In the interim, I guess I’ll have to keep playing Pogo, and occasionally experiment with the Sims I have.  I was thinking the other day that I’ve turned into a quasi Sims Behaviorist.  Yup.  I can probably tell you how Sims will react to given situations, depending on the type of Sim, almost every time without erring.

And that, is just to damned pathetic.

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Pogo makes up a great deal of my day.  In fact, I’m obsessed with Pogo and some of their silly games, like Monopoly.  I hardly ever play with real people if I can help it, opting instead to play with their robots.  I always clobber them, and even though I know they’re stupid computers, I always feel badly for them.  Because I’m kinda stupid that way.  Would they feel sorry for me if they were winning?  Hell no!

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